An experience with sensual massage.

A little nervous as I dialed your business number
Not sure what to say but hoping you will answer
Ring, ring, ring eventually got your voice mail
Keeping calm I left a brief message with my name
An hour later you returned my call very cheerful
Apologies of office meetings all day but so grateful
We chit chat a while before I was bold to ask you
“Can you stop by for dinner sometime, I cook a good stew”
You willingly accept and asked to set the date
Weekend seems easy, we did not have long to wait

Doorbell chimed as I was finally about to recline
Just finished cooking; my gorgeous guest is on time
This is surly a first for me, dinning with a client
You make me feel quite at ease by being quite reliant
Welcome with a peck on your cheek and hand squeeze
Your dress is long and flowing, it prevents any tease
Heighten imagination rolls with memories from past massage
Replaying your bodily detail now, seems like a mirage
Seated on the sofa I offer you something mild to drink
Chatting a while openly before you smiled and wink
Time to taste my cooking to the dinning table I led
Compliments on the meal assured me you were well fed
About to suggest desert when your feet put me in a spell
Under the table, toes collide teasingly and played it well
Higher caress up our legs caused temperatures to rise
Enjoying our invented foreplay my mind set on your prize
Reaching between my legs where your feet are rubbing
Holding your toes, soles and instep I begin massaging
Staring innocently at each other we continue to talk
Pretending we are in public while sensuality is at work

Eyes close as you relax in your chair intentionally
Your legs in my lap as I squeeze your calves professionally
Your breathing is almost silent as though in a trance
Eyes suddenly open as you arise and ask me to dance
The music volume was moderate and the beat of a party
Our bodies gyrate to the rhythm all bodily contact free
I gradually brushed against you as we prance and swing
Your face displays your excitement as lips try to sing
Touching more boldly my erection begins to grow
My groin rubs against your ass our dance continue to flow
My arms hold your shoulders lightly as our hips coincide
Your hands rest on my chest as your fingers expertly glide
I can no longer conceal my hardness as you give full attention
Allowing your ass to press seriously against my raging dimension
Your thin dress was not much of a barrier for mutual sensitivity
Stirring ourselves with bold teasing and driving each other crazy
My desires want to take you right there on our dance floor
My mind prefer sexual foreplay until you cannot take more
Our face collide as hot lips and tongues trace and penetrate
Your body trembles with heavy breathing as my hands violate

Weakness in your knees cause you to slowly lower to the sofa
Your face leans forward to trace the outline of my swollen member
My hands gently in you hair behind your head while standing
You are driving me wild with you playful mouth massaging
Your fingers being to unbuckle belt and slide zipper swiftly
Gracefully releasing my throbbing imprisoned agony
Precum dripping down the length as you rub and squeeze
Impaling your warm mouth on my head like a porn queen
Slowly at first as your oral muscles relax and adjust
Your head slide smoothly as lips and tongue drive my lust
Finally going down its full length and stopping for a while
Your deep throating is mixed with control gagging in style
Anytime sooner your movements will cause me to explode
Sensing my build up, your stop and undress to accept my load
My selfish intentions brought my face between your shapely legs
Staring at your moist mound of honey comb you willingly spread
Your panties are soaked as I press my tongue to your pussy lips
Your sighs of ecstasy are loud and bold as I take long mouthful sips
Peeling off your thong and holding your legs in mid air
My lips and tongue concentrate on your treasure box with care
Drenched are your swollen clit and thick pussy lips
Trying my best to keep up with your juices and lick every drip

One finger massages the entrance of your pussy opening
Simultaneously my oral service keeps your body quivering
Slowly entering your cunt with my playful fingering
Your tightness is over come by your cunt honey flowing
Your mound succumb to multiple pleasing stimulation
Fingers, lips, tongue probe, lick, suck without hesitation
My face became glued to your overflowing pussy
Thumb massages your ass button, so wet from cunt juice freely
Twisting and heaving as your waves begin to churn
Holding me in place over your swollen clit, my lips burn
Two fingers deeply in place of your contracting oyster
Enough pressure on your pearl cause you to push up harder
Your screams ascend in unison with your vibrating hips
I cannot hold you firmly while still attached to your cunt lips
Your first squirt caught me by pleasurable surprise
Quickly recovered to capture the rest in one dive
You were totally out of control with bodily jerks and shakes
Your heavy breathing continued after your climatic quake
Slowly my drenched fingers exited their liquid cave
Your eyes still closed as my cock prepare to invade

Sliding my swollen head over your open wetness
You let out a moan as mushroom head begin to press
Enough natural lube allow me to enter semi tightly
Slowly pumping my way in to surrender deeply
Your legs elevated and opened wide for my penetration
Sinking further, your moaning changed into recitation
“Oh yeah fuck me, fuck me” was your repeated plea
I obliged kindly by withdrawing and diving immediately
Thereafter was constant pounding of your thirsty twat
Your hips grind and gyrate timely as you push right back
Your legs on my shoulders as I hump in and out smoothly
Swiftly I pull out and flip you over on your knees passionately
Charging into your shocked pussy to continue fucking from behind
You acknowledge this new position as new depths my piston finds
Grasping your wide hips while your head is buried in the cushions
I have full view of my cock’s swift flight in this doggie position
Soon you begun to buck and yell “I am going to cum so hard”
The pressure in my balls expand as I prepare to explode inward
Together we cried out loudly as our orgasmic waves crashed
Feeling your contracting muscles milk me before we collapsed.

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