My agile lover..

Tatiana had a spine like a snake. She could arch her back into a deep hollow that looked like it could grip a basketball. Once my face was at her breasts, it wasn’t long until her hands were in my hair, clawing at my scalp and gently pushing me downward. As she writhed, the waistband of her jeans would gape and fill alternately, as her belly flattened and sucked in before thrusting forward to make a provocative little pot that begged release from its captivity.

I’d slide a hand under the small of her back as it rose and fell beneath me and hold her midrift aloft. The sight of her draped backwards over my hand, her lovely belly thrust forward, before falling steeply away to her still-shifting crotch was surreally beautiful.

She was my first real ‘spacer’. She didn’t do drugs that I knew of. But she was definitely just a little off her head. And when she fucked it was always a performance. The kissing started it. Almost immediately, she would be unable to catch her breath and have to break away. That’s when her ‘Mrs. Hyde’ would make her appearance.

Ordinarily, Tatiana lacked confidence. She mumbled a lot and would never meet your gaze. Physically, she was sylphlike. She had amazing long hair which hung to below her slender hips. Her movements, particularly her arm movements, were willowy, flowing and delicate. She had a deep voice for such a delicate thing and she smoked. Dress Tatiana plainly and she’d have looked like a spinster. Dress her well and she could look like a movie star. Undress her and she became something else altogether. She became a total sexual animal.

Tatiana was an exhibitionist. Once she bared those perfect small breasts of hers she was quite simply ‘gone’. She would close her eyes and let her head fall back, shaking out all that amazing hair of hers. She’d begin moaning in that sexy low voice.

As my tongue, nose and face began tracing the line from between her breasts to her belly, she writhed and threw her head from side to side. It wasn’t an act. She seemed to love the feel of her own body more than her lover’s. As she arched her back and squirmed, she’d run her delicate, painted fingers up and down her own ribcage, feeling each ridge with the heels of her hands, while her sensitive fingers floated and fluttered on her own belly and breasts. She’d use her hands in the same way to push her breasts together and tantalize her nipples with her those dancing, floating fingertips. It wasn’t intended to be a show. Tatiana simply loved the feel of her own body, liked to masturbate, it seemed – especially with a man’s face between her thighs.

I never had to open her jeans for her to get out of them. She appeared to slough them, snakelike, more than take them down. She always managed to keep her panties in place as she did so.

Kicking those jeans away from her as quickly as possible, she’d strain her head forward to look at my face begin to nuzzle her. She always kept her long fingers perfectly manicured and polished. She’d bring them down and play them, softly, like butterflies on my face. And then I’d watch them play on the surface of the flimsy, soft cotton panties she always wore, gently touching her mound, stroking herself before tugging them aside to reveal her sex.

Her pussy was an amazing, beautiful mess. Tatiana had protruding inner labia that glistened like delicate pink frill among her soft, blonde pubic hair. The sight of that shocking pink flesh, obscenely exposed by her panties tugged aside, held there by those delicate, painted fingertips of hers was thrilling in a way I’d never experienced.

I’ve always loved to eat pussy. The importance of the olfactory nerve in matters of arousal is hugely underrated. The fabulously strong, almost sickening scent of a woman is an amazingly powerful, totally primal trigger. It is, of course, an acquired taste. But so beautifully and easily acquired. Simply place one fully aroused male between the thighs of a similarly inflamed female and allow him sniff, inhale and ingest that electrifying musk. Lips find lips in that most sensuous of kisses. I wished for the tongue of a reptile.

Tantiana’s lips were as kissable as any I have ever found between a woman’s thighs. And their response to such attention was something to behold. Her pussy demanded its pleasure with the ferocity of a small wild animal at the kill. Her suppleness allowed her move her hips in a way that was unmistakably snakelike, reminiscent of an accomplished belly dancer.
As I warmed to my task, I pushed my hands under her buttocks and began to lift her. Spreading her arms and her feet she accepted this assistance and hoisted her crotch skywards, still writhing and thrusting. Her hand came down and grabbed my hair. I was probing her pussy as deeply as I could, lolling my tongue along the fleshy petals of her wonderfully exposed labia. Then I’d butt her clitoris with the bridge of my nose and feel her hold me there as she ground away at my face. She’d release her grip a little and accentuate my licking movements with her own pelvic thrusts which she controlled expertly to keep her pussy constantly in touch with the wetness of my mouth.

Occasionally I’d look up from my delightful task, like a voyeur, for Tatiana seemed somehow unaware of my presence. She was, as I described, ‘gone’. No doubt to a world where someone or something or someone even more voracious than I was fastened to her hungry little pussy. Somewhere in that distant place she’d retreat to, her personal fantasy played out, and she climaxed on my face.

I gripped her tight little buttocks, still held high in my hands as her full weight fell onto my braced elbows. I watched and felt the last, faint, desperate thrusts of her thunderous coming. I felt her delicate hand come again to my face, but this time to push it away as nerve-endings exploded into sensory overload. I brought my head up and savored the tortured grimaces of her ecstasy.

Tatiana knew what kissing was about. Soon it would be my turn, and it couldn’t come a moment too soon. For whilst there can be few greater pleasures for a man than to truly pleasure a beautiful woman, my personal needs had been, to say the least, aggravated intensely by the performance of these delightful duties. Tatiana was unashamedly selfish in the satisfaction of her desires and that was how I liked things to be. Her abandon and joy in the act of love-making was not only gratifying but hugely arousing. As I rose to my knees above her, I felt the weight of my hugely engorged organ hang heavy between my thighs. As if it sensed the shifting focus of my attention, it pulsed and hardened alarmingly. My heart was pounding like a steam train, the engine room pumping pressure to the remoteness of my groin, shutting down systems all over my body, preparing it for action.

Tatiana was still self-absorbed, stretching and languishing, eyes closed, her fingers in her own hair, feeling the tingling of her scalp, her neck, her whole electrified, satisfied frame. I knelt over her, poised, ready, scrutinizing, taking in every inch of her, her beauty and her femininity, her greed and her lust and her incredible vulnerability. She was satiated now, finished with me and our lovemaking – or so she thought.

I stooped to kiss her but she pulled away, still gasping for breath a little, a little claustrophobic perhaps. I diverted to her neck and scraped it with my teeth, my mouth wide open at her throat, like her vampire lover or a wild animal. She shuddered with pleasure and goosebumps as her over-sensitized skin responded to the stimulation. She squirmed like she was trying to get away but I took her wrists and held them above her head, quickly moving to the other side of her neck, exposed as she twisted to protect this side from my jaws. As she squirmed and wriggled I insinuated myself between her legs and she felt the arrogance of my sex there.

“No!” she gasped, insisting, surprised, mean but unsteady.

“Yesss! ” I insisted, and stretched her arms high above her head, my hands fastened tight around her wrists, easily overpowering her half-hearted resistance.

“No-ooo. No!”. Tatiana had the petulant tone and expression of little girl. She liked to play games and she liked to be in control. She liked to tease me and she knew how to do it. She thrashed her head from side to side, refusing to let me kiss her or nuzzle or bite her. But her attempts to keep me from worming my way between her thighs were unconvincing. And now the tip of my cock made its first contact with her wonderful, now wet and swollen pussy lips. She bucked and squirmed. Her face was rage and defiance as she looked up at me. I thought she might spit at me. Her wonderful hair fanned out on the carpet behind her head and she fixed me with her gaze
“Don’t! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare do that to me you bastard!”

I scrutinized her. Every fibre of my being screamed to be inside her now. We had played this game before. I knew how it ended, yet every time I wondered. I wondered what was it that made her look at me that way, and curse at me like she hated me and what we were doing. I saw a tear roll down her cheek. I relaxed my grip on her wrists and she saw the concern on my face. Her face darkened, as if my relenting had insulted her.

She thrust her fingers between mine and pulled my arms wide so I fell on top of her. Her thighs parted at the same time and my cock arrowed into her pussy with perfect ease, its passage smoothed by the flood of her cumming only moments beforehand. She gave a little yelp, not of pain, but something close, over stimulation no-doubt as the waves of her first orgasm continued to wash over her.

The feel of her now, her slippery wetness wrapped round the length of my pulsating erection, her shuddering and the writhing of her body! The sight of her, her fabulous skin and all that long blonde hair! I pushed up inside her as hard and as far as I could go. Her pussy welcomed me in, she wriggled and surged along my shaft, found the hard ridge of my pelvic bone with her own.

I looked at her, She was crying. But she was looking straight into my eyes, defying me to look away. She held my hands fast, her fingers interlocked with mine, her nails digging into my flesh. She lay underneath me, her legs and arms now spread as wide as she could make them go, a picture of complete surrender. She shifted her pelvis, manipulating me inside her so she could take her pleasure exactly as she wanted to. Pussy became cunt as she began to work me over, her hips beginning their long, slow rhythmic thrusts. My senses were already entering overload. She still held me fixed in her tear-filled, defiant, disdainful gaze.

“Alright. Do it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard you filthy bastard! ”

As I raised myself onto my straightened arms above her and began to draw my sex slowly in and out, sawing along her clit with it like I wanted to cut her in half, she closed her eyes and moaned

“You bastard. You great big, bad beautiful bastard! I love you so much! Sooo much!”

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