Female masturbation – pointers to ponder.

Female masturbation is all about orgasms and release through clitoral stimulation. All about solo pleasure…

Break the taboo
Masturbation comes from the latin manus (hand) and stuprare (to soil). No wonder it was condemned as dirty for so many years! The Catholic Church still says masturbation is a perversion.

Today women are much freer, but there are still few women who admit to masturbating, though 45% of them masturbate regularly. Why is masturbation something to feel guilty or embarrassed about?

Our upbringing can play a vital role in our attitude: some parents forbid their children from touching their genitals, which can cause blocks later on in life and turn something that should be enjoyed into something dirty.

Finding your sexual balance
Many studies have shown that women who masturbate enjoy much more active, fulfilled sex lives than those who don’t.

A large majority of women only achieve orgasm through masturbation, so those who still refrain shouldn’t hold back. Masturbation is the best way to get to know how and where you like to be touched and discovering your body: your clitoris, G spot and other erogenous zones. Once you know how to make yourself come, it will be easier to guide your partner so that both of you have a better sex life.

Using your fingers
Sitting or lying down with your legs apart, use your hands to caress and stimulate your genitals.

Start by exploring your vulva, opening your small and large set of lips to get to your clitoris at the front, and use your index finger. Stimulate your clitoris from top to bottom, or if you’re particularly sensitive, make circular movements. Find the rhythm that gives you the best sensations and maintain until you reach orgasm.

If you’re shy, use an object
The vagina is deep and difficult to access with your hands. Use an object to help you: toys, the handle of a hairbrush, etc, and use your imagination to explore. Or make it easier by lying on your front, placing the object between your legs and using a back and forth motion. Find the rhythm and pressure you enjoy best.

If you’re lazy, use a sex toy
Vibrating massage toys, clitoral stimulators and dildos…it’s easy to equip yourself with sex toys! You can use them sitting, standing or lying down: they’re very easy to use and they’re very effective.

Ideal if you don’t want to have to make much effort, or if you want to orgasm in 3 minutes flat! Use them to stimulate your clitoris with vibration or simply manipulate them wherever feels good. The only downside is the cold contact with a mechanical object…and don’t get addicted like the Sex and the City girls. Seriously, there is a genuine risk of addiction to sex toys.

Solo or shared pleasure?
Solo masturbation doesn’t necessarily compensate for a lack of sex. It’s a moment of private pleasure during which you can forget all constraints, and give in to all types of fantasies.

It’s a preconceived idea that only singles masturbate. If you choose to share the pleasures of masturbation with your partner, it’s a sign of how close and trusting your relationship is. As he watches you pleasing yourself, he’ll learn more about what you like.

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