My good girl

Strands of your shiny dark silky hair
spill upon my naked thighs
as my member starts to grow in length.

Ever eager, you do yourself proud
and take as much of me as you can
as you look at me with glittering dark eyes that
began to water and brim.

You’re a good girl, best of the best
as your hand and mouth on my
cock stroke to a rhythm more steady
than the pendulum on a clock.

You taste the tip with your soft pink lips
while I wonder on the contrast between
my darkened engorged dick and your delicate white finger tips
that grasp my shaft just ever so.

and I know you know I’m about to blow,
because my breath comes out in a low moan
as I my hand holds your head down
because I know you  like to be
owned that way.

You drink me in like an elixir to life
as you squeeze and squeeze until there
is nary a drop to be had.

Lazily you smile up at me,
and I smile back knowing
you’re the good girl
I’ve pledged to
spend my life
with for

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