Gals – 5 hottest words to say during sex with your man.

Dirty talk is something that every woman can do, but some women have to get over their shyness in order to do it effectively. But the whole process need not be too forced, and you don’t have to memorize a line or two to say during sex. It’s the spontaneity of the act of dirty talk that makes the sex hotter.

If you think about it, there are things that you usually say during sex, which means you’re doing this unconsciously. But even moaning out your partner’s name could get old, especially if it’s all that you utter every time you make love. You can increase your arsenal of ‘sex words’ right now.

“Ram It In”

Ramming is a word that brings to mind a forceful action. Just the mention of the verb ‘ram’ reminds you of a huge timber being pounded on a medieval castle’s entrance (i.e. a battering ram). Instead of saying ‘f—- me,’ you can say ‘ram me.’

The F-word is not all that when it comes to dirty talk, particularly if you live in a place where this word is used quite often as a cuss word or as a part of a normal conversation.” Therefore, you should think of another word to describe what you want your partner to do during sex.


Said in a certain way, this word takes on a sexual meaning that is so profound it makes a man go at it harder. Saying “yes” during sex makes your partner feel that he is doing something good and that you want him to keep doing it. If you simply cannot think of anything to say, use this word to express your delight and to alert him that you’re about to orgasm.

“My Pussy”

Hearing you refer to your vagina as ‘cunt’ or ‘pussy’ will excite your man, particularly if you’re not the type to swear or cuss on a regular basis. Instead of saying ‘touch my vagina,’ say ‘touch my pussy’ and instantly turn an ordinary request into dirty talk.

“Let Me Suck You Dry Tonight”

When you say this line, your man will instantly think of a prolonged blowjob session in which you will diligently stroke and lick him until he reaches orgasm. This is best said before sex right after a particularly long kiss, or while you’re sliding down his body with the intention of giving him head.

“You’re Making Me Horny”

Saying this line brings out the naughty personality of your man. Just knowing that his teasing is producing the desired effect makes him more excited.

It’s not that difficult to start dirty talk, especially when you’re with someone you care about. Just remember to act natural so that he won’t feel like you’re forcing yourself into dirty talk for his sake. Moreover, saying these words will convey your willingness to become more adventurous in bed, particularly if you have always been shy about your sexuality.

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