Guys – 5 hottest words to say during sex with your woman.

Dirty talk is a big part of sex. There’s no describing the level of arousal that a kinky phrase or two can put you in. Some of us do it consciously to goad a girl deeper into ecstasy, while some do it unconsciously. If you’re engaged in hot sex with a girl, here are some of the hottest phrases to tell her.

“My Bitch”

There’s a certain finesse that should accompany this phrase. Say it like you would ‘my darling’ or ‘princess.’ There are many girls out there who get excited just hearing this phrase during sex.

Women who are usually stubborn and with a lot of ‘girl power’ outside the bedroom like this dirty talk phrase in the sexual context, most likely because the term ‘bitch’ indicates surrendering (or losing) control because of extreme pleasure. These girls are also the ones who won’t take offense at the term, especially when said in the most adoring tone.


What excites women is the notion that they’re doing something extremely evil during sex, not unlike the quintessential dominatrix characters who like BDSM in popular movies. Use this dirty talk when you’re encouraging your girl to do what she wants with your body, take the lead and stay on top during intercourse.

“So Good”

Not many guys understand that girls need more than just the occasional grunts of pleasure from their partners. This phrase sounds sexy coming from a guy who’s tensed up and about to have an orgasm. This phrase affirms that she’s giving you pleasure, which is gratifying especially when she’s going down on you.

“You’re Beautiful”

Believe it or not, this phrase can actually be considered dirty talk. Inside the bedroom, this phrase is like napalm. Use it while you’re on top of her or when she’s facing you; and before she enters her orgasmic phase. A girl becomes conscious of how she looks while having sex, and telling her she’s pretty even if her face is scrounged up in pleasure can boost her arousal.

If you’re torn between ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘you’re sexy,” choose the former. Sexy is something that a woman is insecure about. What she knows as ‘sexy’ may have something to do with the type of woman that would fit inside a size 2 dress. The word ‘beautiful,’ on the other hand, has a certain ring to it that makes a woman feel all giddy and aroused.

“Want More? I’ll Give You More”

This isn’t just a passé line from a Britney Spears song, it’s something that tells a girl you’re not going to cut her pleasure short anytime soon. Remember, women can have multi[le orgasms, which means they’re ready to go again as soon as they finish their first orgasm. Telling her this means she can expect you to last all night, or at least longer than you usually do.

When you decide to try dirty talk, mind your tone. Don’t try talking dirty when you’re pissed off, as it will come out differently. Your objective is to make her hot, not to embarrass or humiliate her during sex.

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2 Responses to Guys – 5 hottest words to say during sex with your woman.

  1. Anna B says:

    Ummm “my bitch” made my pussy dry right up just by reading it. That’s offensive no matter how “sweetly” you say it & would definitely end things if a guy ever said it to me during sex. “mistress” is pretty corny too. I guess if you’re the kind of couple who likes to joke around in bed it could be funny, but if a guy started saying it to me seriously it wouldn’t turn me on at all.

    • Owen says:

      To each his/her/their own.

      *Only in the confines of our bedroom:*
      My wife LOVES when I call her “bitch” and even “slut” or “whore”, BUT ALWAYS PRECEDED BY “my little”. This is when I’m feeling dominant and/or she’s feeling submissive.
      “Mistress” is when I’m feeling submissive and/or she’s feeling dominant.

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